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Creative, Cultural. Culinary. Whatever your child’s interest, there's a Cool Course to match it at World Cup U4Kids, an educational program that offers elementary aged school children a multitude of opportunities to explore the arts, languages, music, science, and more in creative and fun ways.

U4Kids is designed to give children the chance to sharpen their current interests and explore new ones. They can choose classes where they can be anyone from a scientist and chef to a singer or artist. Each program helps students to gain new skills and take away a new perspective of the opportunities that await them.

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Free Transportation for Students in the Chappaqua Central School District

Children in the Chappaqua Central School district who are enrolled in U4Kids’ 4:00PM classes can take the school bus to World Cup from their elementary school at no additional charge.

Registration Information

A registration form can be downloaded by clicking the link below. Completed forms can be faxed to 914-238-3568, or emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or can be mailed to:

World Cup U4Kids
160 Hunts Lane
Chappaqua, NY 10514

Alternately, you can call 914-238-9267 to register by phone.

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Martial Arts

martial arts smallerThis program is unique because it packages several different martial arts into one. Students safely and effectively learn concepts from multiple disciplines including; Boxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling and Judo. Students will build self-confidence, respect and pride. For children in GRADES K-5TH

Day/Time:           Mondays      4:00-5:00
Session Start:    9/11/17
Cost:                   $150 per month

There are no classes 10/9, 12/25, 1/1, 1/15, 2/19, 4/2, 5/28.  Make-up classes will be on Fridays.

Knit Wits

knitKnitting is on the rise and that's because it is a fun way for children to learn about color, texture, pattern and design.  Our experienced instructor will introduce students to basic skills and will encourage them to use ther creativity to produce wonderful designs.Needles and wool will be provided.  There are 8 classes for each session.  For children in GRADES K-5TH

Day/Time:          Wednesdays     4:00-5:00
Session I:            9/27-11/15
Session II:           1/3-2/28 (no class 2/21)
Session III:          4/11-5/30
Cost:                    $150

Princess Diaries

princessOnce upon a time, I joined other princesses in a land called World Cup U4Kids where we created tiaras, had a tea party and even danced at the Royal Ball.  These are just a few of the things your little princess will be writing about as she journals all of her wonderful experiences in our new Princess Diaries class.   There are 6 classes for each session.  For children in GRADES K-5TH

Day/Time:          Wednesdays     4:00-5:00
Session I:            9/27-11/15
Session II:           1/3-2/28 (no class 2/21)
Session III:          4/11-5/30
Cost:                    $150

For The Love Of Language

reading wrtiingThis class will promote linguisitic awareness and improve reading and writing through a series of fun, engaging activities.  Students will learn fndamentals of English grammar and how their effective use can improve writing.  They will enahnce their vocabulary by becoming "world detectives," learning strategies for understanding new words through word analysis and context clues.  There are 10 classes for one session.  For children in GRADES 4TH-5TH

Day/Time:             Tuesdays     4:00-5:00
Session I (only):   10/3-12/19 (no classes 10/31, 11/7)
Cost:                       $300

Sew Happy

Boys and girls are invited to join Sew Happy to learn the life skill of sewing while working on cool themed projects. We teach the basic techniques of sewing and progress to learning various embroidery stitches and sewing fun projects like emoji pillows, tote bags and AG Doll® clothes. Sewing gives kids a lifetime vehicle for personal and creative expression!
Grades K - 3rd

Day/Time:           Thursdays      4:00-5:00
Session I:            9/28—11/16 (8 classes)
Session II:           1/4 - 3/1 (8 classes)
Session III:          4/12 - 5/31 (8 classes)
Cost:                   $200

The Science Around Us

sciencepic2Through hands on projects, investigations and experiments, children discover the science all around them. Students will explore our wondrous Earth by building a volcano, exploring the deep oceans, plant life and energy. Then they go out of this world building space shuttles and rockets to explore outer space with all its amazing planets. As students engage in these activities, they experience the excitement of science discovery and develop a love of science and learning.  There are 6 classes in each session.  For children in GRADES K-3RD

Day/Time:           Thursdays      4:00-5:00
Session I:            9/28—11/2 
Session II:           1/4 - 2/8 
Session III:         4/12 - 5/17 
Cost:                    $115



After School Program SpanishStudents learn Spanish through storytelling, games, songs and activities enabling them to begin to speak, listen, read and write in Spanish. There are 6 classes for each session.  For children in GRADES K-5TH

Day/Time:          Fridays     4:00-5:00 
Session I:            9/29-12/15 (no classes 10/27, 11/3-11/24, 12/8)
Session II:           1/19-3/9 (no classes 2/2, 2/23)
Session III:          3/23-5/25 (no classes 3/30, 4/6, 4/13, 5/18)
Cost:                    $115

WC Kids Club


This social skills program taught by Special Educator, Joan Weinstein, MS facilitates positive peer interaction in a small structured setting. Each week the children will work to improve their social skills through play and teacher-facilitated activities. There are 11 classes for one session. Ages 4&5

Day/Time: Thursdays 3:45-5:00
Session I: 10/5-12/21 (no class 11/23) (11 classes)
Cost: $900


Paint & Punch

paint punchStudents enjoy a refreshing glass of punch while they follow our talented artist who will give step-by-step instructions to help each student build their own unique piece of art. Each child will receive 8x10 canvases to take home and hang up in their personal gallery. Come express your creativity!   There are 8 classes for each session.  For children in GRADES 3rd-5th

Day/Time:          Mondays     4:00-5:00
Session I:            9/11-11/6 (no class 10/9)
Session II:           12/4-2/12 (no classes 12/25, 1/1, 1/15)
Session III:          4/9-6/4 (no class 5/28)
Cost:                    $160

Homework Buddies

homeworkA quiet, structured environment let's children get down to work. We encourage good work habits, organizational skills, and a sense of accomplishment in every student. High School seniors are there to assist the students when needed. Students who finish their work before the end of the session have an opportunity to read or play organized games.  Homework Buddies follwos the World Cup Gymnastics schedule to accommodate children taknig he 5:00 classes. For children in GRADES K-5TH

Day/Time:     Mondays - Thursdays      4:00-5:00
Session 1:     9/5-1/28*
Session 2:     1/29-6/25*
Cost:             $225 per session

*There are no classes, 9/20, 9/21, 10/9, 10/31, 11/23, 12/25-12/28, 1/15, 2/19, 2/20-2/22, 4/2-4/5, 5/28