Romperee (for Mommy and Me)

Babies grow and change every day.  Suddenly, you turn around and they are toddlers who love to run, jump, climb and roll.  World Cup Romperee Gymnastics classes provide the perfect safe and fun-filled environment in which to do just that.  Our Romperee Gymnastics program is designed to promote development for all children from 4-35 months.  Children are introduced to sliding, rolling and bouncing which eventuall leads to crawling, jumping, running and swinging. 

Our program director, Kim Bremer makes sure each child is having fun and feels successful as they learn and grow.  Each class lasts 45 mintues and starts with a 10-15 minute circle time where Kim sings interactive songs to encourage both gross motor and small motor development.  There is 15 - 20 minutes of free play and exploration and eacdealchicken6h class ends with another short cirlce activity with puppets, scarves, instruments or balls and always includes parachute, bubbles and stamps.

Romperee is a great way to spend some one on one time with your child.


2017-2018 Registration & Schedule