Program Overview

All programs embrace a rich curriculum filled with both structured and non‐structured activities and lessons. A child’s day includes:

Music and Creative Movement
It is important for young children to understand rhythm and music. Our music teacher provides weekly opportunities for special music and movement activities to enhance the daily music activities provided by the classroom teachers. Each classroom has musical instruments which the children can choose to play.

Physical Education
One of the best features of World Cup’s facility is that we are able to provide children with many different indoor and outdoor areas for their gross motor development. Our 19,000 square foot gymnastics facility, our indoor playground and our bike track have a variety of tricycles, scooters, mats and gym equipment so children can climb, jump, roll, crawl, race and gallop through different obstacle courses. Our outdoor playgrounds include a large gross‐motor structure, a well‐equipped sandbox, a tricycle area, play houses, a train and a grassy area where children can scamper with friends.

Circle Time
Circle time is a great opportunity for “togetherness” for children and teachers. At circle, the children are encouraged to listen, talk, share, sing and enjoy each others company. In addition to discussing the day and month, the weather and choosing jobs for the day, there are finger plays, rhyming games, discussions, musical band parades, guessing games, etc. Additionally, each day teachers will choose special books from our extensive library to read to the children in reading circle.

Snack Time
We encourage healthy nutrition at school and snack is the perfect time to demonstrate healthy eating. Teachers sit with children to model and promote good manners and friendly conversation. Children hand out napkins, cups and snack which reinforces cooperative effort and responsibility.

Special Visitors
As part of our enriched curriculum, we include special visitors to our school. A magician, naturalist, sea life expert, mad scientist, storyteller, petting zoo, and music and theater performers are just some of the special activities we offer to allow children to become more aware of and interact with their world.

Science and Math
Each classroom will participate in age‐appropriate science experiments and math games. They will also plant seeds, discover dinosaurs and so much more. The children will discover and predict through real life observations. Early understanding of math concepts and exposure to hands‐on science activities help set a strong foundation for future learning in math and science.

Language Skills
Language skills are developed during all of our different and varied activities. The children are encouraged to listen and talk individually as well as in a group. The teachers listen to the children with great respect so that children understand that what they have to say is very important.

Throughout the year, children will have the opportunity to cook with their teacher. They measure, pour, mix, stir and create tasty treats as they learn about cause and effect and new vocabulary words. Of course, they get to eat their delicious creation too!