24 Karat Kindergarten

DRfives01We offer a Kindergarten experience unlike any other. Your child will enjoy a full‐day program running from 8:45 am—2:30 pm, filled with many fun, stimulating and exciting activities.

Our Kindergarten classroom will have a maximum of seventeen children, taught by one head teacher and two assistants.  Our Kindergarten classroom is made up of “learning centers” which will provide opportunities for children at various levels of development. Choosing their own learning activities helps children develop decision‐making skills, a sense of responsibility and also helps to foster independence. The centers include a math/manipulative area, block area, writing center, library and listening center, science and discovery center, dramatic play area, art area and computer center. Each center contains the materials necessary to allow children to make choices, solve problems, develop thinking skills and feel successful.  Classrooms are equipped with the latest in computer technology, which allow the children to have the opportunity to experience many educational wonders through the use of these new technologies, such as iPads and smartboards.

The program follows a daily routine which provides the children with security as well as variety. There is a balance of quiet and active experiences, times for optional and required activities, and a balance between group involvement and individual activity. During the course of the week, the children will participate in a daily art experiences, a music class with our music teacher, a Spanish lesson with our Spanish teacher, a movement/dance class and two instructional gym classes in addition to daily gross motor activities.

In addition to the Kindergarten classroom, your child will have access to the following facilities: two outdoor playgrounds, and indoor and outdoor bicycle track, and an indoor playground. Your child will also enjoy two instructional gym classes a week in our 18,000 square foot gymnastics facility right next door. Two of our highly qualified gym staff guide the children and teach them techniques that will help build confidence as well a coordination.

Special events for the Kindergarten children include a Storyteller, a visit from a Dentist, 100th Day, Pajama Day, Kindergarten Election, a visit from a Magician, a visit from the Critter Lady, Healthy Food Party, Imagination Day, Earth Day Celebration, a Holiday Concert, a visit from a Petting Zoo, a visit from Theater Works, a music concert and much, much more. As always, parents are more than welcome to join their child in class to help with a project, read a story, play an instrument or observe.